carry out pizza to go

customize your own thin crust

thin crust pizzas

mozzarella cheese 12"13.25
mozzarella cheese 14"14.25
mozzarella cheese 16"15.25
each extra classic ingredient 12"2.00
each extra classic ingredient 14"2.25
each extra classic ingredient 16"2.50
each extra premium ingredient 12"2.50
each extra premium ingredient 14"3.00
each extra premium ingredient 16"3.25
classic ingredients:
sausage • pepperoni • garlic
mushrooms • onions • bacon
fresh tomato • spinach • popcorn shrimp
black or green olives • zucchini • ground beef
green peppers • broccoli • jalapeños
giardinera • anchovies
premium ingredients:
red peppers • blue cheese • canadian bacon
artichoke hearts • roast beef • pineapple

house specialty pizzas

no substitutions

sausage, mushroom, pepperoni, onion, green pepper & bacon
riggio’s special combination 12"19.50
riggio’s special combination 14"21.75
riggio’s special combination 16"24.25

garden fresh: mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, onions, green peppers
pizza primavera 12"17.50
pizza primavera 14"19.25
pizza primavera 16"21.25

pesto sauce (blended basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil) parmigiana, mozzarella & plum tomatoes
pesto pizza 12"16.00
pesto pizza 14"17.25
pesto pizza 16"19.00

bbq chicken, bermuda onions, tomatillo sauce & cilantro
southwest bbq chicken pizza 12"17.00
southwest bbq chicken pizza 14"19.00
southwest bbq chicken pizza 16"21.00

hawaiian pizza 12"17.25
hawaiian pizza 14"19.25
hawaiian pizza 16"21.25
pineapple, canadian bacon, bermuda onion

low sodium & cholesterol, veggies, tomato & pesto, swiss & cheddar cheeses.
la forestiera pizza 12"17.25
la forestiera pizza 14"19.25
la forestiera pizza 16"21.00
veggie medley: broccoli • carrots • cauliflower • onions • garlic •
zucchini • black olives • tomatoes • red & banana peppers • mushrooms

deep dish pan pizza (12” only) 15.25
each extra ingredient 2.25
made in the unique sicilian style with a variety of cheeses, olive oil, herbs & spices, baked with a thick crust in a pan.
gluten free pizza (10” only) 14.25
each extra ingredient 1.75
salad-on-the-side special includes garlic bread
salad for 2-3 diners9.50
salad for 4-5 diners12.00

soups & salads to go

served with bread
Soup of the day or minestrone soup
8 oz.3.50
16 oz.5.00
32 oz.8.25
garden salad (with bleu cheese or anchovies, add .90)4.50
cole slaw
8 oz.2.50
16 oz.3.50
32 oz.6.25
grilled chicken breast salad8.75
caesar salad (add grilled chicken 1.50)8.00
taylor street chopped salad10.25
grilled chicken breast, crispy prosciutto, gorgonzola cheese, bermuda onions, tomato, salad greens & pasta with sweet sour dijon vinaigrette.
santa fe chopped salad10.25
boneless char-grilled chicken breast, avocado, crushed tortilla chips and cilantro mixed with salad greens in sweet sour tomatillo vinaigrette.

Sandwiches to go

all sandwiches & panini served with cole slaw & chips (french fries instead of chips, 1.10)
italian beef7.25
italian meatball –or– sausage7.25
italian beef & sausage combo7.75
beefburger with house cured pickle6.50
grilled breast of chicken all’ italiana9.00
roasted red peppers, provolone, mayonnaise, hot giardinera & onions
grilled breast of chicken all’ americana8.75
choice of mayonnaise or bbq sauce with lettuce & tomato
petite sirloin strip steak12.50
on garlic bread with sauteed mushrooms

grilled panini sandwiches

hand pressed, hot grilled sandwiches on ciabatta bread
roasted turkey breast & bacon panini8.75
white turkey meat, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise
prosciutto & provolone panini9.00
with fresh tomato, basil leaves, dijon mustard & mayonnaise
roasted turkey, avocado & melted cheese panini8.75
(cheddar, mozzarella or provolone)
enhance your sandwich experience
add cheese.90
on garlic bread.90
sweet peppers.90
hot giardinera.90
grilled onions.90
french fries (instead of chips)1.10

appetizers to go

fried or grilled calamari (with bread)10.25
arancini di sicilia6.85
garlic bread4.25
al forno (baked with cheese)5.00
tomato & basil bruschetta6.25
baked clams casino 1/2 dozen (with bread)10.00
buffalo wings (served with celery and bleu cheese)9.00
cheese stix6.25
pizza bread (extra ingredients 1.00 ea)5.75
french fries3.00
combo craze platter (with ranch or cocktail sauce)8.00
fried zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings
fried mushrooms or zucchini only6.75
savory onion rings6.75
parmigiana crusted zucchini strips6.25

pasta to go

served with soup or salad, romano cheese & garlic bread
spaghetti or penne, pomodoro or meat sauce12.25
choice of meatballs, sausage or mushrooms.
stuffed shells fiorentini13.25
extra large pasta shells stuffed with ricotta & spinach, covered with melted provolone and topped with aurora sauce.
meat or cheese ravioli, pomodoro or meat sauce12.50
choice of meatballs, sausage or mushrooms.
fettuccine alfredo12.75
with grilled chicken breast15.75
lasagna pasticiatta13.25
michael’s rigatoni13.00
oversized mostaccioli in tangy vodka tomato cream sauce with pieces of italian sausage and sauteed mushrooms.
lufrano special13.25
penne baked with meatballs & sausage under a topping of green peppers, pomodoro sauce and italian cheeses.
eggplant parmigiana al gratin13.00
sauteed eggplant and basil-infused pomodoro sauce layered and baked under a thick crust of blended ricotta, egg and parmigiana.
linguine with white or red clam sauce13.00
angel hair shrimp rustica14.75
a blend of fresh tomato & basil sauce with shrimp and a spicy kick (please specifiy spicy or mild.)
farfalle primavera al pesto13.00
bowtie pasta tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables in pesto sauce


all carryout entrees served with soup or salad, freshly baked garlic bread, vegetable & choice of potato or pasta
tressie’s fried chicken13.00
chicken breast piccata13.00
veal piccata13.75
sauteed with lemon, capers & white wine
chicken breast marsala13.00
veal marsala13.75
sauteed with marsala wine & mushrooms
chicken breast parmigiana13.00
veal parmigiana13.75
lightly breaded, sauteed & baked under pomodoro sauce & italian cheeses
roasted half chicken vesuvio12.25
marinated in wine, oregano, olive oil and garlic.
filet of salmon: grilled or vesuvio style15.50
broiled lake superior whitefish13.25
breaded loin cut pork chops Milanese16.75
broiled new york strip steak21.00
with sauteed mushroom caps
choice chopped steak13.00
with mushroom gravy or grilled onions

desserts to go

cannoli alla riggio5–
homer’s spumoni4.25
italian style lemon ice4.25
homer’s vanilla ice cream4–
chocolate mousse6–


coffee, brewed decaf, tea2.25
iced tea (16 oz)2.50
soft drinks:coke • diet coke • sprite
12 oz can each.95
six pack5.00
all prices subject to change