free beverage and appetizer included in all kids meals! for kids 10 and under.

All kid’s menu items include:

1 free drink: milk, apple juice, lemonade or soft drink
choose 1 veggie starter: cooked peas - or - carrot sticks or broccoli with ranch dressing


choose your pasta shape:
spaghetti, penne, rotini/springs, ruote/wheels,
conchiglie/shells, farfalle/butterfly, rigatoni/big tubes

and choose your sauce!

pomodoro sauce6.75
butter & parmigiana6.25
meat sauce7.25
alfredo cream sauce7.75
mac ‘n’ cheese6.75

kids’ burger6.50
with french fries or spaghetti (add cheese 50¢)

kids’ pizza6.25
cheese or pepperoni
• additional ingredients 75¢ each
chicken fingers6.75
french fried or grilled
with bbq sauce on side and french fries or spaghetti
grilled cheese6.25
with french fries or spaghetti


vanilla ice cream scoop1.75
spumoni, whipped cream & cherry3.00
all prices subject to change